The Best Way to Insure Your Non-Owned Car

Can You Insure A Car You Don’t Own?

Yes, you can insure a car that you don’t own. But the process of getting a non-owned car insured can be tough.  Most insurers will look at two things – what is the driver’s interest in the car and its ownership? If the insurer’s expectations are met then you can even get coverage for the car which you don’t own. There can be a solution that will work.

non owner car insurance

Add The Car Owner’s Name To The You Buy

Such a move will prove that the real car owner is also interested in getting his car insured in your name. This way the title of the car will stay with its owner. But if the car is on loan then its owner will be with the lender. In this case, if you meet with an accident then the insurer will pay costs for damages to the car owner.

Add Your Name To The Car Owner’s Policy

This may be a good option if you are sharing a residence with the car owner. In fact, it will be a lot easier for you to get coverage for a non-owned car. But this proposal has its own drawback. The car coverage rates for the owner will go up if your name is listed on the policy. And your driving record needs to be really good for the car owner to get low rates.

Buy A Non-Owner Car Insurance Coverage

You can buy non-owner car coverage before you drive a car that is owned by someone else. Such type of car coverage will pay costs to other persons for their misfortune. But the coverage will not cover damages caused to the driver and the car. The coverage will step in later, first, it is the car owner’s coverage that will step in. This option is best if you borrow a car from a friend or a relative very often.

Are There Any More Options?

There might be a few other ways to get coverage for a non-owned car. But they could be hard to put into practice. The best way to save money on coverage for a car that is not owned by you is to shop and compare multiple free quotes.

Shopping can save you a lot of money. Our comparison tool can help you to make the process easy. To see how much you can save, just use our services today!

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