Is It Possible To Obtain Car Insurance If You Are Not The Owner?

Can I buy insurance for a specific vehicle that I don’t own?

Yes. You can buy insurance coverage for a car that is not owned by you but only in certain unique situations. Nevertheless, getting non-owner car insurance is a tricky proposition unless you are residing at the car owner’s place. It can be a very difficult proposition to be a primary driver on a car insurance policy when you are not the actual car owner.

What do Insurers look for when insuring someone else’s car?

When you approach auto insurance companies for getting someone else’s car insured, the first thing they will check is what your insurable interest in the vehicle that needs coverage is.  Most car insurers will consider you to be either a “high-risk” driver or an insurance fraud. Companies want drivers to provide proof of car ownership or insure vehicles.

In which situation can you insure a vehicle that you don’t own?

To insure a car that you don’t own, there has to be some legitimate reason. For example, a grandparent can gift an old vehicle to the grandchild if he/she has attained the legal age to drive a car and has a valid driver’s license. After a certain age, elderly people may be unable to drive their cars, so they require else to drive as a primary driver. Although the primary driver might not have the same residential address, the issue can be addressed in different ways and insurers can be convinced.

Can you put insurance coverage on someone else’s vehicle?

Yes. You can have insurance coverage on someone else’s car if you are not legally licensed to drive. For example, if your spouse/live-in partner is not a licensed driver but owns the vehicle that is to be insured then you can be made a primary driver on the auto insurance policy. To know more about insurance, click here.

Can you drive someone else’s car if you are not a listed driver on the vehicle’s insurance policy?

Yes. You can drive someone else’s car even if you are not a listed driver on the owner’s car insurance policy but only on certain occasions. However, it is always better to find out from the vehicle owner whether the car’s insurance policy also covers unlisted drivers for accidents before you borrow his/her vehicle. If you are not covered then it is advisable to think twice prior to borrowing the vehicle. An accident may lead to bad relations.

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