What Is A Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover?

A comprehensive car insurance policy is a coverage which pays costs incurred on damages caused to the insured vehicle due to an accident. Apart from expenses for repair and replacement of car parts, such type of a coverage feature may also pay financial losses to car owner if the insured vehicle gets stolen or gets totaled in the aftermath of an accident. And damages caused to insured car because of fire, floods, vandalism, hail or falling objects like trees or animal hits might also be covered by comprehensive coverage feature

Thus, comprehensive auto insurance will cover all those situations that are not covered by collision coverage feature regardless of whether a driver is driving an owned or a leased car or a vehicle that is on finance.

How Exactly Does Comprehensive Car Insurance Work?

Typically, covered losses under comprehensive car insurance policies extend beyond insured cars. An owner driver could be entitled to receive compensation for temporary substitute car, buying new car or getting one on lease from a rental company. This type of coverage can also serve as either primary or excess cover. Besides, insurers will pay costs for car repairs post an accident depending on the extent of damages being claimed. The exact calculation of reimbursement amount may be better understood by talking to an expert. FreeCarInsuranceQuote can assist you to fix an appointment with an insurance specialist online within few minutes!

What All Will Get Covered Under Our Comprehensive Car Insurance Quotes?

  • Collision, Car crash, Accidental damage
  • Theft or attempted theft, Vandalism or malicious act
  • Storm, fire, flood, earthquake or explosion
  • Modifications, alternatives and accessories
  • Emergency car repairs
  • Charges for car hire after theft worth up to period of 21 days
  • New for old replacement if vehicle is written off within first 2 years
  • Liability damages cover
  • Trade tools worth for business cars
  • Towing charges and damages due to Tsunami

Know The Different Types of Comprehensive Coverage Car Insurance Policies

It is needless to say that comprehensive cover car insurance can grant financial protection to driver as well as car in the event of potential damages resulting in aftermath of accidents regardless of whether he is at fault or not.

Alternatively, it could mean that comprehensive car insurance covers are a combination of standard auto insurance covers and third party property insurance covers. Usually, car insurance covers can be accessed by drivers in any one of the below mentioned forms.

  • Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance
  • Third Party Property Damages (TPPD) insurance
  • Third Party Fire and Theft (TPF & T) insurance
  • Comprehensive or full car insurance

Getting Cheap Car Comprehensive Insurance Cover – Few Things to Consider

    During your effort to get a cheaper comprehensive car insurance policy, it could be important for you to share all correct information as it can have a huge bearing on the auto insurance premium which is likely to be charged. Any misleading details provided can result in reduction in claim settlement amount or even total denial of claims later on.

    Besides, if there is a change in your situation because of moving to a new place of residence or you have modified your car, it could be vital for you to inform your insurer on the changed status. Things like addition of names of new drivers on policy or use of car for some other purpose than that specified in policy can also have impact on level of premium charged.

    In addition, the main benefit of buying comprehensive car insurance coverage with our specialist guidance is that you won’t risk your no claims bonus or discount neither will you be needed to pay any excess if you get bogged down by a car being driven by an uninsured driver.

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Obtain an Online Comprehensive Car Insurance Quote That Fits Your Needs

Some companies, which offer cheaper car insurance comprehensive covers, insure cars at its instead actual cash value rather than considering its replacement cost. The “cash value” reflects the existing market price of the car and not what buyer has actually spent from his pocket. However, in some of the states, buyer has the option to purchase “gap coverage”, new car replacement cover or car value upgrade cover to secure additional protection for his new car.

Besides, during his effort to get auto insurance comprehensive coverage at a sustainable premium, buyer also has the option to select deductible of his choice. Higher the deductible, lower will be the premium amount but the downside of such a proposition is that buyer will have to spend money from his pocket in the case of any kind of eventuality. A lower deductible, on the other hand, may increase premium but will cover accident costs.

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Who Needs Compehensive Coverage ?
  • Comprehensive coverage is for circumstances beyond your control. When you think about it that way, most automobile owners should at least consider purchasing comprehensive insurance, even if they ultimately decide against it after assessing the price and benefits. The majority of drivers are in danger of sustaining harm that is covered by comprehensive insurance. As a reminder, your automobile can be damaged by an unforeseen, unavoidable occurrence such as a tree limb falling on it in a windstorm even if you are not driving. You only need to look at a newspaper or surf the internet for a few minutes to see calamities that might easily damage your vehicle.
  • Comprehensive coverage is, strictly speaking, optional. That is, it is not required by state or federal law. If you don't own your automobile outright, your lender or leaseholder may force you to purchase comprehensive coverage. Lenders frequently want comprehensive coverage to protect themselves from financial loss if something goes wrong with the car they technically own but that you drive and care for. Some lenders or leasing businesses may also need collision and bodily injury liability coverage based on the same premise.
  • If you've never had comprehensive insurance on your own automobile but are thinking about borrowing or leasing a new one, keep this requirement in mind. The cost of acquiring comprehensive insurance for your coverage should be considered while planning your budget and making decisions. If your car is totaled or stolen, you will not be able to recover the money if it is leased or has an outstanding loan. Instead, it will be sent to your lender to pay off your debt or fulfill the terms of your lease.
4 Simple And Easy Tips For Saving Money On Your Car Insurance Premium
  • Raise your deductible - Premium can be drastically lowered by paying more out-of-pocket. By increasing deductible you will be able to ensure reduction in premium
  • Choose the right vehicle - The type of car can greatly affect the insurance rates. Small inexpensive or used cars will cost less to insure.
  • Install an anti-theft alarm - When you have comprehensive coverage, installation of an anti-theft device in car can help in lowering your auto insurance premium
  • Bundle and save more money - You can get an extra premium discount if you bundle car and home insurance with the same insurance company.
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