Can Someone Drive My Car And Be Covered By My Insurance Policy?

Will Car Insurance Cover Drivers Who Are Not The Owners Of Insured Cars?

In most states, insurance will pay costs for the damages to cars even if they are being driven by other drivers. There is liability insurance which will pay the costs to those who get injured due to the accident. But it will exclude the driver and fellow passengers in the insured car.

If the policy has comprehensive car coverage features then you will be paid for all damages that are caused to your car. This could be true even if someone else drove the car and caused an accident.

Why Should You Give Written Consent To Other Drivers To Drive Your Car?

All non-owner drivers can drive insured cars if they have consent from the owners in writing. Car owner needs to provide details of such drivers to the insurer. These are the permissive users of the insured car. If the insurer doesn’t know who is also going to drive the car then a claim may be denied.

Besides, it will be good if the drivers that are listed with the insurer are all safe drivers. You can give written consent to such drivers to drive your car. That will help in keeping your car insurance rates low.

Here Are Some Things to Consider Before You Let Someone Drive Your Car

Before handing over your car keys to some other driver you need to take care of the following things.

  1. See if your car insurance will cover the driver You need to read the coverage document to know if an unnamed driver is covered. It will help you to get some insight into the issue.
  2. You need to check if the driver has car insurance – If an uninsured driver is going to drive your car then it will be a risky proposition. Hence, it would help if you didn’t hand the car keys to a driver without insurance.
  3. What if the person driving your car lives in a different state? – Your car policy may cover drivers from other states if they drive your car. But still, it is better that such drivers have car insurance in their state.
  4. How often will the person be driving your car? – If a person will drive your car very often then it is better that you have him on your car policy
  5. You need also to make sure that the driver is fit to drive – If an unfit driver drives your car and meets with an accident then you will be liable to pay costs for damages.
Don’t Be Afraid To Refuse

When it comes to letting someone else drive your car, it is not that easy. As a matter of fact, there are a number of things that you will have to consider. As a consequence, don’t be afraid to say no when the time comes.

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