What Is Non Owners Car Insurance? Find Out Today!

A non owner car insurance policy is a car coverage which insures drivers who don’t own cars but get them on lease or borrow one from friends or relatives occasionally. Such types of vehicle insurance covers cover only single drivers and may not offer coverage for physical damages to car. However, these days it might be possible to locate some companies which provide medical coverage.

You could consider buying non owner car insurance cover for 3 major reasons as under:

  • Liability protection – Things can go wrong when on road even while you are driving a borrowed or leased car. Suppose you borrow car from your friend who just has minimum liability coverage and the car meets with a severe accident injuring another person then during such times, if you have got a car insurance non owner policy, it will pay for any extra expenses.
  • Cover for rental car – Although rental car companies get cars insured, it is still advisable to get a collision damage waiver as such a proposition could enable you to shirk responsibility for causing any kind of physical damages. In the event of an accident or collision, you can get waiver for physical damages if you buy non owner policy car insurance online.
  • Driver risk status – One good reason for purchasing auto insurance coverage despite being non-owner is that it will enable protecting your driver risk status. Insurers usually consider drivers with no prior driving record to be risky propositions and having non-owner insurance for car can mean that you do have some previous driving experience.

The Facts About Non Owner Car Insurance Online

Many insurance companies provide non-owner car coverage policies but people are not aware about it because of lack of advertisements on part of insurers. Nevertheless, car insurance for non owners can be a great alternative for people who borrow or get cars on lease frequently. The process to get such types of auto insurance covers is easy and hassle-free at FreeCarInsuranceQuote. Buyers can save lot of time, energy and money.

Factors Influencing Cost of Non Owners Car Insurance Quote

  • Extent of coverage being sought.
  • Your past driving record.
  • The area in which you live.
  • Total miles driven each month.
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Who Needs a Non Owners Car Insurance Policy?

You can think of buying a non owner liability car insurance online if you or your employee is not covered under your existing business or commercial auto insurance policy or get such type of car coverage as a supplementary feature.

FreeCarInsuranceQuote can assist you during your effort to get non owner car insurance quote that best fits your requirements. Act now to make an informed decision on your auto insurance purchase by fixing a free initial consultation with a local agent.

What Does a Non Owner’s Car Insurance Policy Cover?

A non-owner car coverage policy includes:

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Property damage liability
  • Medical payments liability
  • Uninsured motorist bodily injury liability
  • Underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage

Learn How to Get Non Owner Car Insurance Policy?

A non-owner auto insurance policy is a non-standard car cover but the process to get it is very much similar to the one involved in getting standard auto insurance coverage.

In case, you are unable to find companies that offer affordable non-owner auto insurance policies then it could be better if you consult a certified car insurance agent in your local area. We can help you to secure a low cost car insurance cover despite your being non-owner driver within minutes of applying online. To let us help you in your effort just fill and submit a quick online application form.

Non Owner Car Insurance FAQS
  • Do I need to buy non-owner auto insurance if I already have a regular auto insurance policy?
    You may not be required to get non-owner car insurance cover if you already have regular car insurance policy for your owned vehicle and if it also covers non-owned vehicles. You can inquire with your insurer whether non-owned cars are covered under the regular policy. If they are not then you may have to buy a separate non-owner car insurance coverage.
  • Do I have to buy non-owner auto insurance if I have access to my spouse’s vehicle?
    There is little need to buy a separate non-owner auto insurance policy even if you drive your spouse’s vehicle frequently as, being a household member, your name is listed on his/her regular car cover.
  • Should I buy non-owner car insurance if I borrow car from my friend frequently?
    If you borrow your friend’s vehicle frequently then it could be much better if you buy a regular auto insurance cover as such a move will ensure enhanced coverage than a non-owner’s car insurance coverage policy.
  • If my friend meets with an accident while driving my car then will my auto insurance policy pay for the resulting damages?
    Yes. Your regular car insurance policy covers any driver that is legally licensed to drive in Canada and has your permission to drive your vehicle. The auto insurance cover will pay costs for damages post an event like accident but after filing a claim with insurer, the premium may increase.
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