Does Car Insurance Cover Breakdowns?

Does Car Coverage Also Pay The Cost For An Engine Failure?

breakdown car insurance

No. Car coverage is unlikely to pay the cost if there is an engine failure. It is most likely to cover the car only if it meets with an accident. So, if your car engine suffers from a mechanical failure then it will not be covered. But there might be some exclusions as under:

  • Your car coverage has an engine breakdown feature in it.
  • You are able to link the problem with the latest accident that your car has met with.
  • Your car warranty covers such type of damage.
  • Thus, car coverage will cover only repairs to the car if it gets damaged due to an accident.

    Here’s what you need to know what all car insurance will cover

    In most cases, car coverage doesn’t pay the cost of repairs if there is an engine failure. You are aware that normal car policies have 4 varied coverage features – comprehensive, collision, liability, and uninsured motorist. But none of them will cover the cost of an engine repair. It is just the car warranty that may pay the cost of an engine repair. You will have to check it out with the car maker. There is no other way to get back the money that you will spend on the engine repair. Breakdown car insurance coverage usually requires an additional policy add-on or a separate roadside assistance plan. Typically, these plans include services like towing to the nearest repair shop, fuel delivery if you run out of gas and jump-starting your battery.

    Does the gap insurance feature pay costs for repair if the engine of your car breaks down?

    No. Even if you have a gap insurance feature in your car policy, it will not pay the cost for the repair of the engine if it fails. This feature is known to pay for the difference between how much you owe on the car and its market value if it gets totaled in an accident. But again, there might be an exception. You can file a claim with gap coverage if the engine of your car breaks down due to a crash caused by some other driver while it is parked. You can talk to a local agent to know more.

    Your car warranty or MBI coverage can pay the costs of repair if the engine breaks down     

    A new car comes with a warranty from the maker. It has two parts:

  • There is a bumper-to-bumper warranty will cover each part of the car
  • The other part is the powertrain warranty that will just cover the parts which will make the car move
  • Thus, it is the second part that will cover your car engine if it fails. It will also cover problems arising due to axles, gears as well as transmission. This second part of the car warranty is often known as the MBI coverage. You can buy it as an add-on from your insurer.


    Car insurance is an essential aspect of owning and driving a vehicle. It provides financial protection in case of accidents, thefts, or damages caused by natural calamities. While it may not cover breakdowns entirely, some policies offer additional coverage for roadside assistance and other related services.


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