Do College Students Get Discounts On Car Insurance?

What Are The Varied Types Of Discounts On Student Car Coverage?

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  1. Good student discount – It is provided to students that are college or high school students below the age of 25. To get this discount you need to be unmarried and must have a GPA of 3.0 or above for the last 3 years in your academics.
  2. Distant student discount – You can get this discount if your teen is listed on your car policy. But the teen must not be staying at her home, attending a college that is at a distance of 100 miles from home, and driving a car less often.
  3. Student affiliation discount – You need to know that few insurers offer this type of discount on car coverage to college students. You can get a discount on your car coverage if you are a member of some union.
  4. Safe driver discount – Some insurers provide this discount to drivers who have a claims-free record. But how much time the record should be claim-free will depend on the insurer.
  5. Discount for an anti-theft device in a car – If the car to be insured has an anti-theft device in it then insurers may offer you a discount.
  6. Driver training discount – If you have taken a driver training course then you can get a discount on the coverage for your car. But you need to make sure that the training center is approved by the authority.
  7. Discount for policy bundle – If you buy car and home coverage from one insurer then you can get a discount. A car and home coverage bundle can save you $833 yearly.

Who Can Get Discounts On Car Coverage for Students?

To get auto insurance good student discount if you:

  • Are below 25 years of age
  • Have good grades in studies
  • Must be a full-time student
  • Are members of some union
  • Have a good driving record
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    What Are The Conditions To Get Discounts On Car Coverage For Students?

    The discounts on car coverage for students will depend on the insurer. But to provide the discounts insurers will need:

  • Proof of your age
  • Proof of being a full-time student
  • Proof of having good grades in academics
  • Letter for achievements in academics from the college/school
  • You need to know that the conditions to get discounts may vary by the insurers. So, will the extent of discounts. However, you need to keep the above documents ready. You must submit them to get discounts. And the only way to save money on student car coverage is to get discounts. If you can’t get them then you might have to spend more money on your car coverage.

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