Can I Get Rental Car Coverage With My Mastercard?

Most of the Mastercards are known to cover Rental Cars

rental car insurance

If you have a MasterCard then it will cover rental cars. Most of the Mastercards have coverage for rental cars as an in-built feature. But to get rental car coverage, you need to pay the cost of getting a car on rent by using a credit card. There are two more conditions that need to be met. Read on to learn more.

How does Mastercard coverage for a rental car Work?

Car coverage will start as soon as you pay the rental car fees by using MasterCard. The coverage will continue till you drive the rental car. In a way, it works similarly to the car coverage that is provided by visa cards and credit cards.  But the extent to which damages will be covered will be pre-specified.

What does Mastercard car coverage not cover?

In the rental car insurance coverage with Mastercard, there is no provision to pay costs for third-party damages. And these things will not be covered by Mastercard coverage for rental cars.

  1. All types of trucks
  2. Big vehicles and cargo vans
  3. Luxury cars and sports cars
  4. Trailers and motorbikes
  5. Theft of personal items
  6. Old classic cars
You Need To Know That Mastercard Car Coverage Is Not That Important

Car coverage with Mastercard can never be used as the first coverage for a rental car. It can only act as a support for the main car policy.  This means first you must file a claim with the fleet car insurer. It is only thereafter that you can file a claim for coverage through your Mastercard.

The main car insurer for rental cars is:

  1. Rental company’s cars insurer
  2. Your own car’s insurer
  3. Car coverage of the driver who is permitted to drive the rental car
  4. Some other car coverage covers rental cars as well
Here is a list of some curbs of Mastercard car coverage that you need to be aware of :

Coverage for rentals cars through Mastercard will pay the cost that is

  1. Less than $50,000
  2. Less than the actual car repair cost
  3. Wholesale market value minus decline in car cost
  4. Rental car’s market price minus decline in car cost

There is also a limit to the use of coverage that is fixed at $500 per accident.

Here is the Final Word on Car Coverage for rental cars through Mastercard

Most of the Mastercards do include coverage for rental cars. But to get the rental car coverage, the car fees have to be paid by using the Mastercard. Coverage for rental cars through Mastercard will serve as a support to the car’s first and main coverage. So, the costs paid for damages will be less than that paid by the main coverage.

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