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Your ability to get benefitted with discount car insurance rates can depend on a variety factors like age, gender, type of car to be insured, status of driving record, etc. While insurers do offer discounts, it could be vital for you to first determine your chances qualifying for these so that you can lower car insurance premium drastically. Remember, there could be ways to get your auto insurance premium lowered; you only need to be aware of them. To that effect, an expert consultation is desirable.

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Car Insurance Discounts and Reductions in Premium-How We Can Help You?

Most of the companies provide auto insurance discounts which help in reducing premiums by leaps and bounds. But finding such firms can be a challenging task and that is precisely where our expert guidance may prove to be worthwhile.

FreeCarInsuranceQuote can help you in locating top rated insurers that offer discounted vehicle insurance policies to drivers across Canada. Take advantage of our cost-free specialist services online for finding a solution that best fits your specific driving needs and budget.

To know how much money, you can save with discounts on auto insurance cover, all you need to do is just fill and submit a quick online request form that hardly takes few minutes. One of our certified local car insurance agents will contact you within minutes of your applying online.

Vehicle Equipment Features for Securing Discounts On Car Insurance

  • Side Airbags – Get special discounts for cars with side airbags and save up to 25-40 % money on premium.
  • Anti-Lock Breaking System – If your car has an anti-lock braking system then you will qualify for an additional concession which can lower your premium further.
  • Anti-Theft System - By getting a security alarm fitted in the care that is to be insured, it is possible to save some extra money on auto insurance premium.
  • Daytime Running Lights – Cars which are equipped with features like “Daytime Running Lights” qualify for 1 % discount on annual premium amount.
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How Driver's Education Helps in Discount Auto Insurance

  • Defensive Driver Discount – You can get a special discount from insurers if you have passed out a course for learning defensive driving skills from a government approved training institute.
  • Driver’s Education Discount – In case, some young driver in your household has successfully completed driver’s education course then you can earn an extra discount on your auto insurance premium.
  • Good Student Discount – College student drivers, who are into full-time studies, are entitled to get extra discount if they have maintained good grade in their academics, preferably average B grade, on a consistent basis for the last 3 years. The discount can be worth up to 15 %. However, in majority of the states, such drivers have to be in the age group 16 to 24 years.
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Driver Affiliations to Get Discounts for Car Insurance

  • Emergency Deployment - This type of discount is an exclusive privilege which is offered to military personnel who are in active services of the Canada armed forces and are deployed for national duty overseas. Even those on emergency missions can be eligible for this kind of discount.
  • Military – You can qualify for a special discount if you are still in active service of the Canada military, retired from military service, member of Canada national coast guards or reserves. The discount can be worth up to 15%.
  • Membership & Employee Discount – You can get extra discount if you happen to be member of some organization or one the clubs that is listed on our insurers’ catalogue. Even employees of a company can qualify for this discount.
  • Federal Employee or Eagle Discount – You can obtain eagle discount that is provided to federal government employees regardless of whether they are in active services or retired. To get more details regarding the same, you may have to consult an expert.

Driving History & Habits Affects Auto Discount Insurance

  • Safe Driving History – If you have an accident free record for the last 5 years then you could be entitled to receive a safe driving discount which most of the insurers offer.
  • Seat Belt Use – Drivers across the Canada can get a discount worth up to 15% on personal injury protection and medical payments coverage. So make sure that you and fellow passengers in car buckle up every time you drive your car on road.

Customer Loyalty That Helps in Discount Auto Insurance Online

  • Multi-Car Discount – Insure two or more cars in your household with one insurer and obtain an additional discount so as to lower your car insurance premium drastically.
  • Multi-Line/ Multi-Policy Discount – Insure your home, condo, car, life and health with a single insurance company and secure a multi-policy or multi line auto insurance discount for lowering vehicle insurance premium.
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