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Know Who All May Be Considered as Young Drivers by Insurance Providers

Insurers classify young drivers into two different categories. One category of young drivers includes buyers who are in the age group 16 to 25 years and have recently received driver’s license. The other category may consist of buyers who are over 25 years in age but might be newly licensed. You can check which category you belong to before applying. At FreeCarInsuranceQuote, we can assist you to get car insurance cheap for young drivers with an additional feature in the form of an Accident Alert and Theft Recovery cover at absolutely no extra cost.

7 Vital Factors That Affect Auto Insurance Premium For Young Drivers

  • Driver’s age - Drivers under the age of 25 will be charged more than senior and more experienced drivers as they are likely to get involved in accidents.
  • Car make and model - Car insurance rates for young and new drivers could also vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle that is to be insured.
  • Driver’s credit rating - The credit scores of young or new drivers can influence the overall affordability of auto insurance rates. Drivers with bad credit will be charged more.
  • Driver’s gender - Male drivers are provided higher premium rates as compared to female counterparts. It has revealed by studies that men are more likely to file claims.
  • Residential area - Premiums for young driver’s auto insurance can be greatly impacted if he/she resides in a locality that is higher probability of theft, rioting or vandalism
  • Mileage of vehicle - If you tell insurer that you will be driving less miles annually then a discount may be offered to you which will reduce your premium.
  • Coverage type and extent - If you buy minimum liability coverage as is required by law then premium will be lowest. But purchase of any additional features can increase your premium

Learn How to Get Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers and Save Money

One of the best ways to get a cheaper young driver car insurance policy is to opt for a “Black Box” or Telematics car coverage. We can help you to find companies which provide the best as well as the most affordable “Black Box” auto insurance cover within minutes online.

You can qualify for the best car insurance rates for young drivers and manage your policy online. You can locate coverage details as well as documents over and above driving information as also your bonus miles score. Our experts will help you for improving driving skills.

Finding a low cost car insurance for young drivers may never have been so easy earlier. To get started with your task, all you need to do is just fill and submit a quick online request form.

Features That Affect Your Ability to Get Cheapest Young Driver Car Insurance

The factors which may impact your ability to get cheap auto insurance for young drivers might be as mentioned below.

  • How fast car accelerates and its maximum speed.
  • Current market value of the car that is to be insured.
  • Total number of security features installed in the vehicle.
  • Costs involved and time taken for fixing the car’s problems.
  • Cost of each individual part if it is required to be replaced.
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3 Main Benefits of Buying the Best Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

  • As a young or new driver, you will have the freedom to drive car as there will be no curfews or fines either of which cause discomfiture among younger drivers.
  • When there is a black box type device fitted in your car, you know that your driving habits are being monitored while you are on road. So you automatically keep control on speed and don’t get indulged in reckless driving practices. A clean driving record will get rewarded with lower premium rate at the time of renewing coverage next year.
  • Apart from receiving a reward for defensive driving, you will also earn bonus miles every month and qualify for an additional discount on your auto insurance premium when time is up for renewing the car coverage.


  • Third Party Car Cover – Offers minimum level of coverage to driver as per requirements stipulated by state’s driving laws.
  • Third Party Fire & Theft Cover (TPF&T) – Provides financial protection to car during events like fire or theft.
  • Full or Comprehensive Cover - This is an extensive car insurance for young drivers which protects driver as well as car and propertied damaged in accident.

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There are Five Things Young Driver Should Do Initially
  • Decide if you want your teen to have their own auto insurance coverage or whether you want your teen to be listed on your policy. The former is frequently seen to be less expensive in the near term because your individual auto insurance price will not rise. However, the latter approach is usually the safest- your existing insurance will be extended to your teen with little changes.
  • Decide which aspects of auto insurance coverage are essential to you, and keep an eye out for them when chatting with an agent. Many insurers, for example, will not provide accident forgiveness to younger drivers, but Nationwide will.
  • Check to see if your teen qualifies for any auto insurance savings. Many businesses provide excellent student discounts and discounts for teens who have completed authorized safe driving courses.
  • If your teen or young driver needs to accomplish particular chores to qualify for auto insurance savings, they should do so, whether it's improving their grades or taking a driver's education course.
  • Decide after comparing auto insurance quotes from many different providers while considering discounts.
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