Find Out When To Buy Cheap One Week Car Insurance?

You may think of buying a low cost 1 week auto insurance policy in certain unique situations. Such policies offer guaranteed financial protection for a 7 days’ time period. Here is s list of some peculiar circumstances wherein you might find purchasing a cheap weekly car insurance quote extremely useful. Apply online now!

  • You need an additional driver to go out for long journey.
  • Your car is in garage for urgent repair or maintenance work.
  • Your teen is going to back home from college for vacation and will need car.
  • You plan to go on a holiday and there is going to shared driving.
  • You are expecting some guests who are likely to drive your car.
  • Your existing car insurance policy is up for renewal and you don’t want a gap in coverage.

Determine Reasons For Buying Cheap Weekly Car Insurance

  • Some tourists you are expecting may prefer driving your car rather than getting one on rent as getting rental cars can be a highly expensive proposition for 7 days time.
  • It takes some time for transfer of car ownership and during the said time period, buying an annual car insurance cover. Cheap weekly auto insurance can bridge the likely gap.
  • If you are planning to get a car on rent for whatsoever reasons from a rental company, you may need a very short term vehicle insurance cover to drive the rented car legally on road. Rental car companies usually have a fleet policy that might not provide enough insurance coverage.
  • You are thinking of borrowing a car from a friend or relative for a week’s time period for some work. Purchasing a one week auto insurance policy could be worthwhile.
  • In case, you own classic or vintage car, which needs to be driven occasionally during some event, a 7 day vehicle insurance can provide necessary financial protection to the vehicle.
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Here’s How 1 Week Car Insurance Works

  • Having car insurance for 1 week only allows you to drive a borrowed or leased vehicle for a short span of time. You can extend the term of the coverage depending on your specific driving needs as well as budget.
  • Car insurance for a week can grant comprehensive protection for the specified 7 day time period. It implies that you will also remain protected against potential damages caused to third parties, theft, fire, etc. involving the vehicle which is insured.
  • Besides, if you buy car insurance for a week, there will be no effect on the no claims discount of the borrowed or leased vehicle’s existing insurance policy. This is an important feature offered by any weekly vehicle insurance cover.
  • Another major advantage of purchasing pay weekly car insurance coverage is that it protects car owner. If you a named driver on the vehicle’s current coverage and meet with an accident then the owner will not lose no claims discount despite his not being in the car at the time.

Why Buy Cheap Weekly Auto Insurance?

You can accrue number of advantages by buying cheap car insurance for one week only. Here is some vital information relating to the same which you might help you to make an informed decision on your temporary auto insurance purchase.

  • Get guaranteed financial protection by borrowing or leasing car for shifting your belongings to new place of residence.
  • Borrow or lease vehicle while your personal car is in garage for repairs.
  • Borrow or lease car to go for weeklong vacation with peace of mind.
  • You can drive borrowed or leased car to go out for work without any financial worries.
  • You can borrow car from friend or relative or get vehicle on lease as per your needs
  • If you own a classic or vintage car, you can take part in rally without worrying about damages that are likely to result from an accident involving your precious classic or vintage vehicle.

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