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Some states allow resident drivers to buy no fault auto insurance policies. Typically, such types of car covers permit companies to handle accident claims concerning the insured car in a manner that they want. During an accident, whether the driver is at fault or not, it is the insurer that will decide how an insurance claim is to be settled. Apply online now!

Buying a no fault auto insurance Canada coverage can be beneficial in many ways. The “Tort System” enables two different insurers to investigate accidents in detail and assess who was at fault during the course of an accident. If driver of the insured car is found responsible for causing an accident then the insurer caused accident will be responsible to pay costs for damages and repairs. Thus, no fault vehicle insurance is all about paying claims to insured drivers by insurers regardless of whether they are at fault or not during the course of an accident involving the insured cars.

Ontario, in Canada, has a “no fault car insurance” system that is entirely unique. However, the term “no fault” doesn’t mean that no one is at fault during the course of an accident involving the insured car. It implies that the policy holder will not have to pursue any at-fault driver, who is responsible for causing accident, to get compensation. Instead it will be the insurance company that will pay for injuries or car damages.

And if there are some passengers in the car, who get injured because of accident, the insurer may pay expenses for treatment of their bodily injuries provided that they don’t have any insurance cover. You need to be aware that someone is at fault during car accident either partially or fully. As per law, insurer is required to determine the exact percentage of fault for every driver that drives the in an at-fault accident.

How Does Car Insurance No Fault Accident Policy Actually Works In Canada?

Cheap no fault auto insurance quotes are easier to get and as insurers will handle the claims process, drivers don’t have to worry about expenses that will result in the aftermath of an at fault accident. In a typical insurance claim settlement process, insurers will be doing the following things:

  • Handle your insurance claim - As insurers will be handling the entire claims settlement exercise drivers just have to contact their insurers post at-fault accident to know details of what to do on his part next.
  • Pay expenses for car damages - Insurers are liable to pay costs for repairs of cars that are involved in at fault accident, so drivers don’t have to worry about expenses.
  • Pay costs for medical treatments - Insurers are bound to pay drivers expenses that are likely to be incurred on treating bodily injuries. However, all the monetary reimbursements will be within pre-specified coverage limits in policy.
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Advantages avail with no fault car insurance Quotes

The main advantage of purchasing a no fault automobile insurance cover is that drivers will be reimbursed all expenses quickly without getting into the hassles of any long drawn and expensive legal battles. Both drivers involved in car accident can approach their respective insurers and they will pay compensation after assessing who among them was at fault. Such a proposition enables quick repairs of cars and resolution of costs that are likely to be incurred on medical treatments as well. And involved parties also have the opportunity to recover financial losses beyond prescribed limits in their auto insurance policies.

Important Features Of No Fault Car Insurance Canada System

Below are listed some salient features of a typical cheap car insurance no fault system.

  • Compensation - All parties that are involved in the accident involving insured cars are entitled to receive monetary compensation for bodily injuries and other damages.
  • Insurance payouts – Insurers will pay expenses in the least possible time periods on receipt of claims from drivers who get involved in at fault accident.
  • Whom to contact? – Drivers will be dealing directly with their car insurers to settle claims.
  • Claims process – The process of settling claims post an at fault accident is fast and in most cases, drivers don’t have to wait for days for receiving compensation.
  • No legal procedure - Drivers that are involved in at fault accident do not have to sue each other for compensation.
  • Coverage limits - Compensation limits are specified in the insurance policy document.
  • Premium rates - At fault drivers will be charged higher premiums.

Few Common Misconceptions About No Fault Accident Car Insurance Covers

Although it is possible to secure the cheapest no fault auto insurance quotes, some drivers may have certain misconceptions regarding such policies. If you are thinking of purchasing car insurance coverage of this type, it is important that you have complete understanding of the term “at-fault”. To that effect, here is some vital information which you might find extremely useful.

Here are three common misconceptions in drivers’ mind pertaining to no fault auto insurance quotes.

  • Driver will not be deemed to be at fault by insurer if your vehicle gets involved in an accident with another car.
  • No driver is at fault during accident involving insured cars and so, insurers won’t determine who was at fault during accident involving insured cars.
  • A no fault accident will not be reflected on driver’s driving record after an accident.

The aforesaid misconceptions could be false. Insurers will determine the extent of fault of each driver involved in accident.

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