Get fleet insurance coverage For Protecting Your Finances

To protect your rental car business, it is important that you get your entire fleet commercial vehicles insured adequately. Accordingly, you will need a comprehensive solution that is tailored to cater to your specific auto rental needs and requirements. We will help you to secure a highly customized commercial vehicles fleet insurance Canada quote at the lowest possible price rates.

We provide cost-free specialist services to enable rental car companies in getting the desired levels of liability coverage online, which can be deemed sufficient, in most of the Canadian provinces.

Why Is It So Necessary To Purchase A Commercial Fleet Insurance in Canada?

  • It is essential to buy commercial car fleet car insurance policy for a rental car company as such type of a proposition provides complete financial protection in the event of one of the vehicles meeting with an accident.
  • The coverage will not only pay damages caused to the vehicle but also reimburse costs for treatment of bodily injuries caused to driver as well as fellow passengers. At times, these expenses could be huge and in the absence of insurance cover, the company will have to bear all costs on its own.

Factors That Affect Affordability of a Commercial Auto Insurance Canada

The premium charged for a commercial fleet auto insurance policy could depend on a variety of factors as mentioned below:

  • The types, makes, models as well as exact number of vehicles listed on the fleet policy will influence premium rates.
  • Number of drivers named in the policy and their age/gender/driving records can another major consideration in determining affordability of premium.
  • Number of claims filed in the past as well as the neighbourhoods in which rental business is being carried out can also affect insurance rates.
  • Fleet car coverage rates may also vary depending on the specific type of job or business for which the vehicles are being provided on rent.
  • If fleet vehicles are stored in a proper place whenever not in use, you can obtain a special discount on premium.

Find The Best Fleet Insurance Online Quote In Just 3 Easy And Simple E-Steps

  • Get local guidance - Our team of local specialists will be happy to assist you in comparing several commercial auto insurance Canada options and choose the right quote for your specific car renting business coverage needs as well as requirements.
  • Secure confirmation - You will get receipt for fleet car coverage within the shortest possible time period online after you have finalized deal with your chosen insurer and paid premium.
  • Manage car coverage - You can manage your fleet auto insurance coverage with ease and can even make changes or file claim post accident online as and when you want.

Here Is What All A Good Commercial Fleet Vehicle Insurance Must Cover

  • Third party liability - Covers company drivers as also other person(s) for treatment of bodily injuries/property damages post an accident.
  • Accident benefits - Coverage will pay costs for rehab, income loss, disability, death and funeral expenses resulting from an accident involving an insured fleet car.
  • Uninsured motorist - Injuries or death of an uninsured motorist due to accident with one of your fleet vehicles will be covered by the policy.
  • Collision cover option - Get your damaged fleet vehicle repaired without having to worry about the costs.
  • Comprehensive coverage - Although this feature is optional, you can enjoy total peace of mind as it will pay costs for damages resulting from car theft, vandalism, etc.
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Learn How To Get fleet car insurance policy and Save Money Now

For reducing overall costs on your commercial fleet vehicle insurance policy, you may take the below mentioned aspects into consideration.

  • Employ experienced drivers - It is desirable to hire drivers who are highly experienced and have clean driving records to drive your fleet vehicles for keeping the insurance rates low.
  • Verify drivers’ driving history - When recruiting drivers for driving your fleet vehicles, it is vital that you check each driver’s driving history as it will have impact on premium
  • Management of fleet vehicles - The way in which you are managing all your fleet cars will affect premium. Make sure security protocols are followed.
  • Compare multiple free proposals - Do extensive shopping and compare free quotes offered by at least 4 to 5 different fleet car insurance providers as it will help save hundreds
  • Seek help from independent agent - Independent agents work for different companies so they can enable you to select the best proposal for your business

Why Choose Us For Buying A commercial fleet auto insurance?

Our experts are professionals are professionals that have worked in the car insurance industry for numerous years. Hence, their knowledge can help you in making informed decision on your vehicle fleet insurance purchase and save precious dollars on your premium.

You may have the opportunity to explore multiple fleet auto insurance quotes offered by top rated insurers within few minutes online. Besides, specialist assistance can enable you to find the best and cheapest commercial fleet insurance quote for your entire fleet of vehicles.

Is everyone allowed to drive with Fleet Insurance?
  • It’s not possible. Drivers have to register with a commercial auto policy. Fleet insurance only covers driver cars and those that have been affected during the accident
  • Despite there isn't any good time for an accident to occur, the worst-case scenario may occur when the company vehicle isn’t insured. It is vital to ensure that each and every company driver has been listed with your auto insurance.
  • In case you have a driver in your company who isn’t listed on your fleet, insurance companies may think that you are defrauding them. This will eventually make you end up dealing with more problems when an accident occurs.
Other quick tips you should know.
  • Ensure that your fleet auto insurance offers discounts when if your vehicles have been installed with GPS devices.
  • This will earn you a cheap way to get discounts, but it will also help keep your vehicles and ensure that the vehicles are not stolen, or it enhances recovery processes.
  • There are several cheap GPS tracking system providers in the country. When you get one, go ahead from auto insurance as you do some research and get your fleet car's GPS installed.
  • You can purchase fleet auto insurance from one company the offers your company other insurance policies for a better deal.
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