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You may wonder, “Does insurance cover modified cars?” Well, such a proposition could be a perfect possibility these days! But finding cheaper quotes won’t be that easy if you decide to go about the process on your own. You will need help from specialists to eliminate the rigors of the process.

Companies need to know that you have carried out certain modifications in your vehicle. If insurer find out later on, when you file a claim, that your vehicle had been modified, there is every chance claims might be denied.

Why You Should Purchase the cheap modified car insurance

  • Modifications in cars can affect their performance on road. If the changes lead to damages during an accident and are not covered in your policy, insurer will simply reject your claim. This is primarily because of the withholding of crucial information from your insurance company.
  • To that effect, you must be honest in giving details of modifications carried out in your car so that you can get it adequately covered. Such a prerogative might help while settling any claims filed.

Know Why It Is So Difficult To Find A Best Insurance For Modified Cars

If you modify your car then there will be big impact on insurance rates on account of the following factors:

  • Performance and safety of your modified vehicle may be affected
  • The value of your modified vehicle will also be affected

Companies require drivers to provide details of car’s type, make and model for assessing overall risks involved in extending coverage. In addition, insurers may even appraise value of the modified car for calculating insurance rates. Modifications in cars can affect appraisal values and can cause premiums to spike. And some modified components may also lead to denial of car coverage.

Obtain the Best Cheap Car Insurance For Modified Cars Online

Insurance for modified car can be expensive and to keep the costs low, here are few things to consider:

  • While car modifications can raise premiums substantially, make sure that you spend money in accordance with your car’s market worth.
  • To save money, it is advisable to seek knowledge and expertise of a competent agent for getting modified car insured.
  • When consulting an agent, make sure that all car modifications are covered by giving detailed.
  • list of changes in writing.
  • Never try to hide even minor changes as that can lead to denial of claim in the event of accident.
  • Before finalizing any deal with the insurer you have chosen to work with, read the fine print of policy document.

Important Guidelines To Locate Car Insurance For Modified Vehicles

  • Drive a cheaper vehicle that has a less powerful engine.
  • List only senior and experienced household drivers on your policy.
  • Opt for buying a low cost pay-as-you-go auto insurance coverage.
  • To reduce insurance premium, you can consider raising your deductible.
  • Qualify for discount if modified car has numerous safety features.
  • Find a company which rewards drivers for having no claims.
  • Obtain coverage for vehicle’s market value rather than agreed value.
  • Check eligibility to receive other discounts for saving more money.
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Modifications To Be Declared For Getting A Modified Classic Car Insurance

The below mentioned list of car modifications have to be declared to your insurance company.

  • Engine and Mechanics- Details about modified car’s exhaust system, transmission and air filter must be given to the insurer.
  • Wheel modifications - Any changes to the wheels can alter car handling processes, and upgrades can lead to increased value
  • Bodywork - Insurance costs will be affected if below mentioned modifications are carried out.
    • Flared wings and Wheel arches
    • Spoilers and Side skirts
    • Valances and Tinted windows
    • Light additions or changes
  • Brakes and suspensions - High quality suspension and upgrade of breaking system can influence the premium.

Applying for Modified Car Insurance Quotes - Vital Things to Consider

The level of coverage provided for a modified car could vary from company to company as every insurer will cover modified car components in a different way. Hence, after you have chosen a favourable insurer, it makes sense to inquire with the company what all is likely to be covered.

And if you are planning to modify your car in near future then it makes sense to ask your existing car insurance provider whether undertaking upgrades is really worth the consideration. Accordingly, you can carry out customizations in the car and inform your insurer regarding the same for facilitating premium calculations.

4 Car modifications that could result in discounts

Normally car modifications may cost you more when you want to purchase an insurance policy. Several features may result in more discounts. They include;

  • Rearview cameras: - This helps to see what is behind while you are reversing, and blind-spot detection.
  • Anti-theft systems - Includes GPS tracking systems, alarms, a LoJack, or OnStar service.
  • Accident-sensor technology - This helps in reducing accidents while driving.
  • Daytime running lamps - They are also known as daytime running lights. They increase your vehicle's visibility during the day, while an adaptive headlight enhances your night vision.
  • Buy some bells and whistles - Modern vehicles have safety features that can help you get reduced insurance premiums.

In addition to the safety and security of your vehicle, these modifications lower your premium rates. When you make these customizations, you may contact your insurance company on ways they can lower your premium rates as well as any additional discount they may offer. Despite the fact that these modifications are good, they don’t always keep you off from accidents.

Here Is How Modified Car Insurance Differs From Regular Car Insurance

Classic auto insurance covers offer few unique benefits to drivers that regular car insurance policies don’t. Here is some vital information regarding the same which you may find extremely useful.

  • Lower premiums Your car is next big investment to your home and so you need to fully protect it. Our insurers provide car coverage at a premium which is much lower than the average premiums paid by drivers. If you drive your car regularly, you can save money on insurance.
  • Guaranteed Value It is our guarantee that insurers that work with us will pay the “agreed value” coverage mentioned in the policy document if your vehicle suffers from damages in the event of an accident. Regular policies will pay “stated value” or “actual cash value” and car values depreciate with time.
  • No fixed mileage Unlike regular auto insurance providers that might impose restrictions on the car’s usage and mileage, our insurers don’t prescribe any such conditions even for full car coverage. There are no mileage limitations as the coverage permits flexible usage for all categories of drivers.
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